Only thirty two weeks to go. Ugh.

October 18, 2007

Week six: I’ll try not to repeat too much of what I wrote last week, but it’s hard to think of much right now.  My stomach is worse this week and that twin thought it nagging at the back of my mind almost all the time.  I broke down and got some pills from my doctor on Monday and I’ve taken a few of them since.  The trouble is, they make me drowsy and they cost a fortune (thirty little pills to ideally take three times a day cost me $48.00!).  I’m trying to limit myself to taking one only when it really feels necessary, but for the last few days, it’s felt necessary all the time.

Someone told me that the sixth week is supposed to be the worst, and I’m really hoping she’s right.  If it gets worse, they may have to put me in the hospital or hire someone to take care of my kids and the house, because I certainly won’t be able to do it.  It’s been hard enough this week just to make sure they’re taken care of and we all get enough to eat.  The temptation has been ever present to go out to eat when Mike gets home, since the thought of cooking something that appeals to him makes me feel sick.

Part of the trick, I’m finding, is eating things that really appeal to me.  I had almost two peanut butter sandwiches (just plain peanut butter, nothing else) and I could probably eat another two just because they are going over so well.  At least it’s natural peanut butter on whole wheat bread and not deep fried ice cream or something.  While I don’t feel like losing weight is a good idea, I don’t want to gain ten pounds in the first trimester.

Another half of a peanut butter sandwich…that may be the end of that for now, though.  The kids are playing (happily? I hope) in their room for now..and naptime isn’t very far away – what a relief!  I’ve been taking naps all week and they do seem to help, although they make me feel somewhat detatched from real life.  I put the kids down at two o’clock, put myself down a little while later, and by the time we all get up, Mike is either home or soon to be home.  Then, in my after-nap stupor, I have to decide what we will have for supper.  That’s the downside of taking a nap, I guess. 

So what’s for supper tonight?  Good question.  I don’t have time to think about that – I have to put the kids to bed and lay myself down somewhere for a couple hours. 

Au revoir.


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