Week seven and a breakthrough

October 22, 2007

Two pieces of good news:

I feel good right now!  I threw up and the world opened up to me.  This is what I’ve been waiting for for three weeks now.  Puking really does make you feel better.

The pills I got from my doctor seem to be helping if I take them every morning.  I forgot this morning (that’s probably why I needed to puke), but I’m going to try to only take them in the morning (since my stomach is empty) to save some money.  It would be great if I only had to have this one bottle of pills and not have to ask my doctor for more.  I have five more weeks of first trimester, and I’m really hoping that it will get better and end at twelve weeks.

After I threw up, I went promptly to the kitchen, made myself some ginger tea and had one and a half strawberry cream cheese sandwiches.  It’s different every day, but bread seems to be a staple of my diet right now.  Maybe it’s not so healthy, but I don’t plan to be sick the whole pregnancy, so I can eat healthy later on.  I was reading something yesterday in The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy about being famished in the second trimester and I literally ached for those days.  That’s one thing I absolutely love about pregnancy and the first few days after giving birth: all that wonderful hunger and the ability to eat to your heart’s content.  Of course, I’ve been fortunate to not gain more than thirty-three pounds during a pregnancy, so I feel okay eating like that, while other women who gain sixty pounds may feel different about it.  My rule is: if healthy food appeals to you, by all means, eat lots of it.  If you can be just as satisfied by grilled salmon as you would be by deep fried halibut in thick breading, eat the salmon!  Eat vegetables that sound good, but put cheese sauce or butter on them if you want to.  Throw the What to Eat When You’re Expecting diet out the window.  We pregnant women have enough to deal with during these forty weeks without adding a perfect diet and calorie counting to the mix.  I believe that diets like that are what make women so afraid to gain “too much weight” during pregnancy.  When they gain ten pounds in a month and their doctor looks at them funny (this happened to me last time), they worry that those potato chips they so craved last week contributed five of those pounds.  My pregnancy diet is to eat what I feel like eating, whether that is asparagus or chocolate chip cookies and milk.

That’s all for now, but I felt the breakthrough of puking was worthy of a post.  Hooray for me!


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