Twenty-four hour flu, Emergency rooms and Noisy neighbours

October 29, 2007

What a weekend I had.  I picked Mike up Thursday afternoon and he was feeling rotten – he’d been sick since lunch – so I took him home and put him to bed while I made supper.  I was so glad I was feeling good so that I could take care of him – I had a good day on Thursday and had felt good all day.  I went grocery shopping later that night and took Elias with me while Jenny stayed home with Mike and watched a movie.  I was tired by the time we went to bed, but not feeling sick at all.  At two o’clock, I woke up with a heave.  I rushed to the bathroom and threw up.  I went back to bed.  I woke up an  hour later and threw up again.  By four o’clock, I had nothing left in my stomach to throw up, but I still threw up again and then once more before Mike and the kids woke up.  Mike was still feeling a little off, so he called in sick at eight.  I felt a little hungry, so I had Mike make me some toast and before I had chewed two bites of it, I threw up again.  Over the course of the day, I threw up another four or five times and slept on and off in the living room or in bed.  Thankfully, Mike was feeling almost completely back to normal, so he was able to take care of the kids while I rested.  His mom came and took the kids for a few hours, which was also a help. 

I was a bit concerned about being so hungry and thirsty and not being able to keep anything down, so we did talk about going to the hospital in the evening, but Mike didn’t think it was all that bad.  My doctor had told me to come in, but I wasn’t throwing up in the evening and was able to have a bit to drink before bed.  I woke up Saturday morning wanting to eat, so we went out to eat with the family and I had a good breakfast, but still felt a bit sick into the afternoon. 

Meanwhile, Elias didn’t want to nap in the afternoon and was crying hard throughout the day and not wanting to eat.  He was acting a lot like how he had been when he last had an ear infection.  We went to my sister-in-law’s hockey game at four-thirty and I had to spend a good deal of it walking all over the arena with Elias just to keep him happy.  We decided that the best course of action after the game was to grab some supper and take Elias to the emergency room so that we wouldn’t have to wait until Monday to take him to the doctor. 

What we didn’t know was that we would be there for three hours waiting to see a doctor.  Apparently, about forty-five minutes before we got there (at quarter to seven), a man had been brought in after cutting into his arm while cutting up a moose.  He hit an artery and had nearly bled to death by the time he made it to the hospital and was then in surgery for over two hours.  The emergency room was full – although other than the man in surgery, there weren’t any major emergencies. 

By the time we got Elias back to see a doctor, it was after nine.  The doctor finally came in after a nurse had come to give Elias Advil and some Pedialyte, and he said that while his ear was red and his throat looked like the start of tonsilitis, he didn’t have a bacterial infection yet.  We left the hospital at quarter to ten with a prescription and instructions to wait to see if he got better before giving him the antibiotic.

We went  home, put the kids to bed, did a few things around the house and went to bed.  We talked for half an hour and then turned the light off around midnight.  We had noticed a great deal of cars outside the neighbour’s house when we got home, but until we turned off the light, we didn’t notice any real noise.  

Almost as if on cue, the party started when we decided to go to sleep.  Mike fell asleep while I laid there with the wall vibrating behind me.  Finally, after half an hour or more, I decided I couldn’t stand it and went to call the police.  They gave me the standard response (“We’ll send someone out to check it out.”) and I went back to bed.  I heard yelling and talking outside a while later, so I got up to see what was going on.  At the end of our driveway was a vomiting man.  His girlfriend or some other female stood beside him and rubbed his back while he puked and then dragged him running into the house when she saw a police car pull up. 

This was good news – a quick response should mean that I could go to sleep soon.  A second car pulled up and two officers walked into the house next door.  I got back in bed again and heard a bunch of laughter from next door, but no change in the level of noise.  When I got up to see if the cops were still there ten or fifteen minutes later, both cars were gone, but more people had come to the party.  The music may have been turned down for the course of one or two songs, but it was turned up again quickly.  This went on until after three in the morning.  I managed to drift off a few times in my sleepiness, but kept waking up with every new bass line in the music.   

Eventually, I thought I heard someone say something about going home, so I took a look in my curiousity and watched as a great deal of people got into a little red hatchback.  A man wearing a suit and sunglasses finished his beer and threw the can on the ground while another guy wearing tights and a red cape opened the back of the hatchback.  Suit man was then shoved into the back of the car and they all drove away.  After that, I think it may have gotten quiet (since I was finally able to stay asleep), and amazingly enough, in the morning, all the cars were gone from the street and the driveway next door.  It usually seems that everyone is too drunk over there to go home, but I guess they had a few people who were sober enough to drive (I hope they were sober enough, anyway).

The good news was that we slept until almost nine and Elias was feeling obviously better on Sunday.  Sunday is another story all together (we were up late again), but this morning, I was able to sleep until ten (an amazingly rare thing) and I feel fairly well rested now.  I also feel like my pregnancy sickness might be getting better this week, which would be a great relief, especially after having the flu.

I am also feeling a bit of motivation regarding the house.  This weekend just made things a whole lot worse and now I really have my work cut out for me, but maybe I can manage it now..we’ll see.


One Response to “Twenty-four hour flu, Emergency rooms and Noisy neighbours”

  1. Carol said

    Sounds like a horrible time… 😦 at least you’re through it…sanely…right? 🙂

    We’ve been fighting a bug here too..although a good flu would mean I’d lose a few pounds….not funny? perhaps…but truth none the less & I’ll take losing a few almost any way I can get it…lol

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