Twelve weeks and the pitter patter of a little heart

November 30, 2007

I skipped the eleventh week and I very nearly skipped week twelve, too, but I caught myself.  This week, we heard our baby’s heartbeat.  It always amazes and impresses me, even now.  I think in some ways, it’s more incredible after the first baby, because I realize that that tiny heart that is beating is going to be an individual and will look different than my other children and will have their own personality – and I will love them so much.  It also solidifies a pregnancy because except for feeling sick, there is nothing to prove that I’m pregnant until I start to show.  At twelve weeks, I can’t quite suck my stomach in, but that’s nothing that strange anyway.  Hearing that baby’s heart beating at 150 beats per minute just proves that there is, indeed, a little one growing in my womb. 

After being through it twice before, you would think I wouldn’t need proof other than puking and a pregnancy test, but the heartbeat and the ultrasound are usually big moments for me.  Not that I enjoy ultrasounds (because I really don’t), but seeing the baby is pretty incredible.

I suppose the reason I didn’t write last week was primarily because I was so sick, but this week, I just feel a lack of creativity.

To recap week eleven, I ran out of Diclectin on Sunday night and didn’t get an emergency supply until Thursday (since I didn’t know I could do that).  I was right back to being as sick as I was when I was six weeks pregnant (which was by far the worst week I had).  This last week has been pretty easy, except for cramps I’ve been having that are nothing more than uterine stretching (and very normal for this time of pregnancy) and one night when I puked after going to bed.  I laid there, trying to have a normal conversation with Mike and then realized it was pointless to put it off – I had to vomit.  Fun, fun.

Well, my lack of creativity is making it hard to think of things to say.  But at least I can say I only missed one week of journaling.


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