Oops..skipped another one.

December 10, 2007

I really didn’t intend to make a habit of week skipping.  I like writing every week, even when things haven’t changed much.  I did have some change last week, though – my belly popped!  I have been able to feel a little difference for awhile now, but only when I was laying on my back and pressing on my stomach.  Now I just can’t suck it all in anymore.  This is definitely earlier than it was with Jenny and Elias – but it is my third baby, so I shouldn’t be surprised.  It would be quite nice if I would start feeling the baby move earlier than normal, too.  With Jenny, I was 18 weeks  pregnant when I started feeling her move, with Elias, I was 19 weeks pregnant….so it’s possible I won’t feel it for another four or five weeks.  But, I also lost twenty-five pounds after baby weight this last year, so I’ve got a little less padding in that area now.  They (pregnancy experts) often say that thinner women feel movement sooner, so maybe I’ll luck out. 

My sister-in-law is eighteen weeks now, so I expect to be hearing pretty soon that she’s started feeling the baby move.  Since it’s her first, she probably won’t recognize it at first, like a lot of women.  When I was pregnant with Jenny, I didn’t believe it until it went on for three or four days.  That little fluttering was just so tiny, it was hard to believe that was the baby.  After I had her, every little bubble of gas or rumbling of my stomach reminded me of baby movement.  I’ve heard other moms say the same thing.  So with this pregnancy, I’ve actually felt things a few times that made me think of the baby, but I’m smart enough to know if there’s only one baby, I wouldn’t feel it yet. 

 Well, not much to say this week, except that I am still getting sick, even though I’ve officially moved into the second trimester (yippee!!).  Maybe by next week, and certainly I hope, by the time I have my ultrasound, I’ll be free of nausea.  My first ultrasound with Jenny was in my eighteenth week and after forgetting to eat breakfast, I drank the required one and a half litres of water…and promptly threw it all up.  I’ve remembered to be more careful since that one.  Eat breakfast and then drink your fluids.  My weak bladder (in the sense that after babies, it doesn’t like holding things in too long) does not like ultrasounds at all, but I love them when you can actually see the baby.  A friend of mine has a picture of her baby “waving” in the ultrasound (another friend’s baby – I’m not kidding you  – flipped me off in his ultrasound when I went with his mom…or at least it sure looked like it).  My kids have never done anything spectacular, but we do have some neat profile shots of them from our ultrasounds.

Well, I’m off to do something more relaxing now…like take a nap or eat something.  Or watch a movie.  Or all three.  Hmmm….that’s a good idea, actually.  Adios. 


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