Week seventeen

January 4, 2008

I can’t promise anything lengthy, but if I’m going to hold up my side of the bargain, than I’d better write sometime this week.  I’m feeling rather emotionally overwhelmed today, but it’s induced by an overly emotional book (and hormones don’t help, either).  I don’t think I’ve ever cried so hard or so much as I did reading the book I just finished.  And there are four more in the series.  With any luck, I’ll be able to pick up the next three tonight.  Just after crying my eyes out and nearly giving myself a headache, Jenny came into the kitchen and took the open box of Corn Pops off of the counter (without me noticing).  I was doing something on the computer and then calling Mike at work when she came back into the kitchen, handed me the box and said, “All gone.”  Sure enough, the box was empty.  It was definitely not empty the last time I had poured cereal out of it.  I went into the living room to turn down the TV and expecting to find a huge mess all over the floor (all this time, waiting for Mike to get the phone at work).  Instead, I found a bowl completely full of cereal and a handful on the floor.  Jenny knew what she was doing, anyway.  I told Mike on the phone and we both had a good laugh over it.  Weeping tears over a fictional story one minute and cracking up over my two year olds antics the next makes a person feel a little out of whack.

In other news, I went to the doctor on Wednesday and everything is good (no surprise there).  My doctor did the doppler thing and then said the heartrate was 128 BPM – and if I believed old wives tales, I was having a boy due to the low heartrate.  I don’t think so.  I feel more like this is a girl than a boy, and when I looked back at my journal entries from when I was pregnant with Jenny, her heartrate was frequently around 130, so I’m not buying into it. 

I am feeling quite pregnant most of the time, and certainly looking it.  I look a lot more pregnant than I am, but that’s just the baby pushing up on everything above it and making it all stick out.  I simply cannot suck it in anymore.  My sister-in-law is four weeks ahead of me and has a decent belly, but it’s low down and obviously all baby.  Mine is high, but I know that baby is way down low.  People are starting to rub my belly and make comments, even, but it’s a farce…baby is not where they’re touching.  If they touched where baby was, they’d be a little low for my liking. 

I’m also pretty certain I’ve been feeling movement for quite some time now, but it’s very sporadic.  Reading a journal from when I was pregnant with Elias, I guess he didn’t move much early on either. 

I said I couldn’t promise much, and I was right.  I’m working on some fiction when I have time, which I suppose makes my non-fiction/journaling/blogging not nearly as entertaining as it could be.  However, if I could ever write a book like I’ve thought of doing for as long as I can remember, it would actually bring some revenue, whereas the other type of writing may never pay off (other than that dream job – writing a weekly editorial from home…ahhhh). 


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