Lack of motivation

January 11, 2008

Since I don’t much feel like writing, and I think it’s quite possible that I will end up with a busy Saturday, I’m forcing myself to write today since tomorrow is the end of my eighteenth week.  The amazing thing is that in another week, I’ll be halfway through this pregnancy.  Hooray!! 

This week has been uneventful but for the business at home that I haven’t tackled.  I suppose I’ve been sick again and I have to be very careful to eat soon enough in the morning or I’ll get sick (as I did last Sunday morning before church – I drank some water but didn’t start eating fast enough and I threw up all the water..mmmm).  A friend of mine told me about acupressure bands (such as people use for motion sickness) and that her niece is using them for morning sickness.  I think maybe I’ll try them out before I go refill my diclectin prescription.  For thirty pills, I have to pay $48, so if I can get some forever reusable bands for even half of that, it would be worth it (and I don’t think they’ll cost half of that, either). 

Back to the business at home: the situation is that I have too many projects going on and no motivation to finish them.  This is common for me and definitely hits me hard when I’m pregnant.  I feel like I must deserve the luxury of doing nothing all the time when I’m pregnant – at least until I get the urge to do something so strong that I can’t not do it.  Last night, it was cleaning the sink.  Once I got going, I couldn’t just stop.  I have a dozen other things I could do, some of them cleaning or re-organizing, but some are just working on writing or craft projects.  Yesterday, I watched a video on herb gardens and there were two segments that made me feel inspired – one on herbal soaps and the other on essential oils.  I think one thing I’d love to do is start a collection of essential oils.  Just start with one bottle and work my way up until I have a good collection that I can use to make soap, bath salts, massage oils, etc.  Essential oils are relatively expensive here (so far, I only know I can get them at the health food store – which is probably the best idea, anyway), but if I just buy one a month or a few when I have some extra money available, it shouldn’t seem like too much to spend.

Well, lack of motivation is also spreading here…I don’t really feel like writing any more.

Oh, yeah.  The baby is moving a lot.  It feels so much bigger at this stage than it did with Jenny and Elias.  Those old twin fears are inching back at me….


2 Responses to “Lack of motivation”

  1. collegebaby said

    I really enjoy reading your pregnancy journal. Your baby’s heartrate being lower than mine at 12 weeks made me nervous but after some googling I feel better. Good luck with your (tiny) one!

  2. birthsupport said

    I found those band quite helpful. My sister-in-law also swears by them.
    Does the medication work?? I never had any but gathering info as I was always sooo sick for ages and i can only imagine how hard it can be when you already have 2 jumping around.
    Are you gonna find out the baby’s sex ?? 🙂

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