A little exercise and a vacation to look forward to.

January 24, 2008

Well, maybe the word “vacation” is stretching it, but the last time I was away from home at all was for my sister-in-law’s college grad last April and we were there for two nights. This time it’s a conference in Edmonton and we’ll be in a hotel for three nights in very nice rooms.

As for the exercise, I can promise you, it was totally accidental. I had to go to the shed to get some luggage for our trip and on the way there, I decided that it would be smart to shovel a path all the way. Ugh. The snow I was shoveling had to be a foot deep (just the stuff I shoveled, not all the way to the ground, even) and it’s a long way to the shed. A really long way. But at least now we’ll be able to get in and out for awhile without being up to our knees in snow. Huffing and puffing and straining is not so easy when you’re five months pregnant…but whatever. I guess it means less work when I have to put the luggage back after we get home.

As for the baby, I had a doctor’s appointment today and my ultrasound was perfectly ordinary. Actually, they called it unremarkable and I like that; it means everything is normal. I’m still feeling like this one is a girl…but we’ll just have to wait until June.

In other news….Jenny found a library book and coloured all over it with a red marker. Yay, Jenny! So I owe the library $22 now to replace it. I think I might be able to get it cheap online though and then just pay the processing fee to the library. Hopefully…I know I can get the book for like $7 on Amazon. Anyway, hooray for two year olds (she won’t be two much longer…yikes!).

My stomach is growling and I still have lots to do so that’s all for week twenty. See you next week, faithful readers. (Har har…I just couldn’t resist…since I do know I have a few of those :))


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