Am I still only twenty-one weeks pregnant??

February 1, 2008

It feels like ages since I last wrote, but I guess it’s only been about a week.  Our weekend was terrific in a few different ways and traveling to Edmonton this pregnant was very comfortable compared to traveling when six or seven months pregnant.  The huge amount of walking was what did me in – our hotel was as far away as you can get from the main conference site.  It was about a fifteen minute walk to get to registration, main assemblies and some electives, although my electives were all in other places.  Three of my electives were in the same area as my hotel, but I still ended up coming from ten minutes away or so.  By Sunday, my shins, thighs and feet were killing me.  Two long hot baths (in a deep jetted tub..mmmm) and three nights in a nice firm hotel bed didn’t seem to help much, although I’m sure that staying somewhere cheaper wouldn’t have helped at all. 

We did a bit of shopping, enough to grab a few new things for Jenny and a few new things for me and a few things at Ikea for all of us.  It would be easy to go nuts in Edmonton because there is so much more available than what we have here.  I chose to stick to the food options instead – I had Phad Thai twice, a falafel wrap and Mongolian food.  I cannot say how thankful I was to be past the worst of the nausea.  It was great to eat what I felt like eating and not feel like puking. 

The conference itself was great and we managed the kids without any trouble at all.  I only missed one elective and two assemblies and never had to have the kids on my own.  It was a lovely little break, really.  With the upgraded room (a suite), we were able to have our own space and when Mike just had to watch hockey, I took Jenny into the bedroom where we curled up and watched the Food network or TLC.  Since we don’t have TV at home, hotel stays are always a treat, especially if I can get in some Iron Chef.

The other great part of the weekend was finding out on Friday that Mike would have a job starting after Valentine’s Day.  At first it seemed a long way off and that we would have to keep looking for some temporary work, but on Saturday, I checked our messages at home and found that someone had called about buying our car.  We got home on Monday and our car was sold by about two o’clock on Tuesday.  We had it listed for $1,500 hoping we could get $1,200 and that’s exactly what the guy offered.  He didn’t even test drive it before he wrote us the check.  The outcome is that if Mike doesn’t get a temporary job, we have enough from selling the car to get us through the month until he gets paid at his new job. 

As for pregnancy, the baby seems to be moving a lot more lately and Mike has felt it a few times now.  It’s nothing big enough to keep me up at night, but I get the feeling that it won’t be long.  It’s nice to feel movement so often because sometimes it’s easy to forget that I’m even pregnant.  My hands are full enough with my kids that it seems like I can go a whole day without thinking about my pregnancy.

Well, that’s about all I can come up with for an update right now.  I’ve now gotten up from the computer four or five times to fetch food, wipe noses and faces, change a diaper, etc. and my mind is starting to stray.  When I start re-reading the last sentence I wrote over and over again, I take it as a sign to stop.  Maybe next week I can find some time to work when the kids are sleeping and there aren’t any movies playing in the background.


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