What week was this again?

February 17, 2008

I’m too tired to say much, except that this has been a long, interesting week and that my belly seems to have slowed down its growth.  I’m also getting a lot more heartburn and the baby is starting to move in ways I haven’t felt until this week – I can feel rolling and rotating now rather than just kicks and punches.  Mike started his new job a week early, which is definitely a blessing, but it also made for an exhausting week being by myself with the kids again and having a bit of running around to do also.  Mike has the use of a company vehicle and has a cell phone now as well, which made it easier for me to run around – I was able to use the van all week and was able to get a hold of Mike any time I needed to.  I’m still completely worn out at the end of this week, though.  I get the feeling that there’s nothing impressive about my writing at the moment, and it doesn’t even really bother me.  Maybe by the next time I write, I’ll have gotten some rest.

Oh, yeah, it’s the end of week twenty-three now.  The end still feels ages away, but time keeps marching on nonetheless.


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