Ah, the joy…

March 26, 2008

I promise I haven’t given up…I just had a mostly bad week last week.  I actually felt pretty good the first half of it – made a bunch of food for a potluck on Monday, had my glucose test on Tuesday (not fun, but no big deal) and had a friend over with her baby on Wednesday.  And then Thursday I started feeling sick.  It went on until Saturday, and by then it was really bad.  I had a nasty pain in my stomach for quite a while, so I went into emergency on Saturday.  After blood tests and waiting, waiting, the doctor said that he suspects it’s just the position of the uterus and the baby that are giving me pain.  Hooray.  Just what I wanted to hear.  Not something that can be treated, but instead, something that may last for weeks.  However, by Sunday morning, I was feeling a lot better.  I’m taking maalox (yummy) and I can take gravol or tylenol when I need it for nausea or pain. 

Fortunately, the baby reminded me of its presence repeatedly throughout the three days of being sick.  I was paying close attention to it so that I would know if I needed to go in.  It may have been moving more than normal, and hasn’t slowed down since then.  Heart rate was good on Saturday and I don’t expect that being sick did anything bad in regards to the baby. 

My baking obsession has cooled down a bit, perhaps because of illness, but also because of simple exhaustion.  I really ought to bake bread today, but I really don’t feel like it.  I’ve been thinking about baking cookies to send to work with Mike, too, but again, it just feels like too much work.  I did make jam yesterday, which I’ve been planning for some time but just haven’t gotten around to.  I bought strawberries over a week ago, so it’s a good thing I got to it yesterday.  I only lost one whole strawberry to mold/rot..the rest were perfect. 

I guess even writing isn’t appealing too much to me right now.  I feel like having a nap, but it’s just now ten o’clock in the morning and I’ve barely even had breakfast.  It sure would be nice if I could shake this sleepiness.  I even got to bed early last night (before ten!) and I’m still tired.  Maybe today will have to be a napping day when the kids are down, rather than spending it doing something productive.

For the record, this is my twenty-ninth week.  I think I only missed the twenty-eighth week, but then I’m having trouble keeping track of the date and time lately.

A little bit behind

March 11, 2008

Okay, let’s see.  I’m twenty-seven weeks now.  Right.  By the time I had any time to write for my twenty-six week entry, it was already Sunday which made me twenty-seven weeks.  So, I’ve missed another one.  Oh, well. 

I’ve recently been very caught up in a few new food blogs I’ve stumbled across.  One is not strictly a food blog, but I’ve really only been reading the food parts, since I can just sort them out by category quite easily.  Not Martha is good reading, and a good deal of her entries are just links to other blogs, which of course makes for entirely new addictions to previously unheard of blogs and websites.  I’ve found some incredible looking recipes that I’m just dying to try now and I’ve seen some very good ideas as well.  Not that I would do it, but yesterday, I found out how to make jello shots out of a banana still in its skin.  Apparently, if you wash the banana, soak it in vodka and sugar, then put it in the refrigerator to marinate, so to speak, you can open the banana and the insides are literally gelled.  I’m not a fan of banana or straight shots, so I think this would be a bit much for me, but it was very interesting to see the process.  One thing I found that I’m very interested in trying out are cake balls.  You simply make a cake from a box (or from scratch, but for this purpose, the box would be easier by far), mix it with a can of cream cheese frosting (again, you could do this from scratch too) and make the mix into balls and chill.  Then you dip them into melted chocolate.  This sounds absolutely yummy and is very cute, too.  The only thing I’d be worried about is that it would be a bit on the sweet side.  Maybe using a very dark chocolate on the outside would help.

On to other things before I start drooling on the keyboard.

The baby has recently started having hiccups a lot.  It’s still moving like crazy and has started curling up with some hard part of its body (I imagine its back) pushed as far up as it can go.  This makes sitting upright very uncomfortable.  I’m also getting up once every night because of my bladder, where before, it was possible to sleep a bit longer.  Ah, how I love this part of pregnancy.  Okay, to be honest, it is better than puking.  Much better.

I’ve been making progress on my house, or at least I’ve been doing better at keeping up with the menial tasks.  The worst is when the floor hasn’t been swept in a while.  It doesn’t even take long since Elias throws his food all the time and likes to make ridiculous messes on a regular basis.  I’ve been keeping up on laundry and dishes most of the time, but the floor is a bit more work because we have too much furniture and other stuff and not enough floor space.  Anyway, I did it today and even got the kitchen done, which was sorely needed.  I don’t think any of you would understand how sorely needed it was.  Let’s just say I wouldn’t want to eat things that fell on it. 

At the moment, my stomach is tense (okay, more accurately, it’s my uterus) and I’m in a bit of pain.  The good old Braxton Hicks are in full swing lately, especially if I dare to do any housework or take a walk.  The contractions I have don’t do anything to me – I’ve never had preterm labour or anything – but they don’t feel very good.  Real labour is still twenty times worse than these, but these are a pain because I have to have them for four months before I can even have the kid.  I’m down to less than three months now, anyway.  Well, if I’m on time, that is. 

Now I’m giving thought to supper, as I don’t want to end up going out again.  We got our tax refund yesterday so we went out to eat.  Tonight I think I might make pizza.  Or rice pizza.  Rice pizza is a bit easier and even Elias will gobble it up.

So that’s about all I can handle for now.  I feel like having a nap would be a good idea, but we’ll see if I get caught up in something I can’t escape first (i.e. more Not Martha). 

Lickety Split

March 2, 2008

As in…this has to be quick, but I didn’t want to miss another week.  If I can manage it, I am determined to stay weekly on this until the birth of this child (which at this point feels light years away…whatever a light year feels like). 

I am doing better this week, but there is still an underlying feeling of disappointment with the world around me and my situation.  I have talked to my parents and my siblings in the last week, which is great, and things don’t seem quite so difficult with my in-laws in some ways, but things still feel uneasy.  I think I will have to fight depression for the rest of this pregnancy and more than likely every other one I ever go through.  It’s not a surprise to me, but it is still a burden that I would rather not bear. 

On a much lighter (well, in one way, anyway) note, I have been baking this week and enjoying it thoroughly.  I made brownies on Wednesday, chocolate chip cookies on Thursday and raspberry oatmeal bars on Friday.  I also took on a new venture and made my own butter on Friday.  It’s much easier than it sounds (just put heavy cream and salt in the blender and blend until it separates) and it tastes so nice.  I think it will be something I do often.  If it worked out cheaper to always buy cream and do it at home, I probably would, but I think in the end, it isn’t cheaper than buying my butter.  At least with butter, the ingredient list is rather short.  Cream, salt, and sometimes colouring (although it’s easy to get butter without the salt or colouring).  Margarine on the other hand…well, don’t get me started there.  I won’t ever quit. 

As for pregnancy, I’m feeling particularly pregnant this week, like things started happening again in there and the baby is growing (go figure).  I’m wrapping up week twenty-five already and that at least tells me that I’m getting there.  That and the fact that this kid won’t let me forget it (internally or externally).  It’s not keeping me up yet, but I am finally at the point of getting up more than once in the night to use the bathroom.  The only way I can avoid that is to stop drinking around supper time.  The trouble with that (and my sister-in-law says she’s the same way) is that I get very thirsty before bed.  I feel like gulping down glass after glass of water and then having more from the water bottle on my bedside table.  So it’s kind of my fault and not just the baby’s that I have to get up so much.  It’s not so bad, though, because half the time I have to get up anyway to take Jenny to the bathroom. 

I can happily report that it’s been more than a month that my daughter has been out of diapers completely.  She had been day trained for months, but we were reluctant to quit at night because she wasn’t waking up dry very often.  Finally, after getting past two and a half, we decided it was past time and we tried it for a week.  We’ve had our fair share of wet beds and midnight wakings, but it’s worth it.  For one thing, we now only have to diaper Elias, which means we’re going through diapers very slowly.  I did cloth on him for a few months, but then I got pregnant and went back to disposable most of the time.  I think my goal is to go cloth on the baby almost 100% of the time.  My in-laws really wouldn’t want to deal with cloth, though, so for times that the baby is with them or another babysitter, we’ll probably do disposable.  We’re getting our tax refund (a nice big one) in a few weeks, and I’m planning to get a good supply of one-size diapers from Mother-ease.  I really like the quality and the package deals are pretty reasonable – plus I’ll get free shipping if my order is big enough (and it will be).  The great thing about cloth diapering a newborn is that you can put the dirty ones straight into the wash without rinsing them out.  Breastmilk poop (mmm) is water soluble, so it doesn’t need pre-rinsing.  Yes, I know disposables are more convenient in many ways, but I just can’t excuse the number I end up throwing away, especially with new babies.  It’s kind of gross when you think about it.  What I can’t wait to try are the flushable diapers…I guess they would cost more in the long run, but for traveling or for babysitters, at least I would know that the diaper is going to decompose very quickly compared to disposables and be just as easy as getting rid of a disposable, rather than having to store a cloth diaper.

I said this would be quick, but I’m approaching nine hundred words at this point.  It is 10:30 on a Saturday night, which means I have to get up in the morning and I still have laundry to fold and dishes to do before I go to bed.  It would also benefit me greatly to get the kids clothes ready for church and make sure I have all the right stuff in the diaper bag.  Planning ahead can do a lot for me – I just don’t do it much.

I broke nine hundred.  Guess it’s time to go.  See you next week.