One day of weirdness

May 7, 2008

Fortunately, it passed after only a day, but it did start early and last until the afternoon, which was not fun.  I got up, felt fine, got the kids breakfast, started to eat my own breakfast and suddenly had severe vertigo.  I then started to feel sick to my stomach and spent the next hour debating whether I should call the doctor or go in or not.  I finally called and was told that I should come in if I wasn’t feeling better after laying down for awhile.  This is, of course, easier said than done, but I made do by putting the kids in their room to play for an hour while I laid on the couch and then putting on a movie and continuing to lay on the couch while one or both children climbed all over me.  After a few hours, nothing had improved much, so I took the kids to my sister-in-law’s and went to the clinic to have my blood pressure tested.  It was a bit low, but nothing too awful, and the baby’s heart rate was fine, also.  My blood sugar was normal, so all there was left to do was to have a non-stress test.  Hooray.  Fortunately, my doctor told me that as long as I did it before eight o’clock, it was fine – I didn’t have to do it right away.  I had orders to go home and rest and so after picking up the kids, that’s what I did.  I went for my non-stress test in the evening after Mike got home and the only strange thing about it was that the baby moved like crazy.  Both nurses were astounded at the number of movements noted on the chart.  I stayed for about forty-five minutes, all the while thinking that although I can’t wait to meet this baby and be in the hospital for that reason, I don’t wish to be back there until the blessed event itself.  I had a strange nurse who kept insisting that the baby was a boy (okay, it could be..but still, what does she know?) and who pronounced centimeters “sontimeters”.  For some reason, that sort of made me feel weird about her.

Well, that felt like one big run-on, but my mind is going fast today.  Last night was interesting – to bed at ten, up at midnight to take Jenny to the bathroom, where she pooped and gave me the stool sample I’ve been waiting on for a few days now.  I then had to divide it into three cups (fun, fun) and store it in a paper bag in the refrigerator overnight.  Gross.  I went back to bed and couldn’t fall asleep.  Too many things on my mind, so I finally got up to make myself a to-do list.  Writing a to-do list turned into writing and addressing six Mother’s Day cards, printing pictures to go in the cards, finishing my citizenship application and checking on passport requirements for Mike.  Around two o’clock I went back to bed because I finally felt like I could fall asleep.  Instead, I lay there for another half an hour at least, feeling like I could throw up.  I so want to have this baby – it’s making it very hard for me to sleep.  Okay, so I don’t want to be four weeks early, but I’m starting to feel like it wouldn’t be so bad to be a little early.

Another run-on.  Oh, well, at least I’m writing this week.  Today, I dropped off the sample at the hospital, mailed my Mother’s Day cards and went grocery shopping, all before noon.  I am way too proud of myself.  My goal for the day – getting my potluck menu ready for tomorrow (I’m thinking cucumber sandwiches, pasta salad, lemon squares and guacamole…or maybe I’ll do sushi…we’ll see), cleaning the entryway and maybe starting on my bedroom.  But who knows, by the time I get the kids down for a nap, I may be exhausted again.  It’s getting very difficult for me to plan ahead lately.

Well, enough run-on’s.  I am thirty-five weeks pregnant, my next appointment is next Tuesday, after which I’ll start on once a week appointments.  I’m finally reaching the end!  Hooray! 


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