Still tired, waiting, aching and often times bored stiff.

May 25, 2008

My family is watching Shrek the Third for the second time today.  Mike was quizzing me on what my plans or hopes were for the evening and I caved and told him to just put in the movie so I could have some time to think about it and relax.  I went shopping this afternoon and totally exhausted my hugely pregnant body while Mike and the kids napped.  Mike decided that playing games online until five in the morning was a good idea…so he didn’t get much sleep last night.  I was smart and went to bed considerably earlier, but I’m still feeling the interruption of sleep.  I’m having lots of back pain, abdominal pain, shoulder pain…oh, I could go on forever, really.  I’m hoping every day for this kid to come – but still trying to have something to look forward to each week that distracts me.  Last week it was a date night on Thursday.  Once we were home from our date, I let myself go back to wanting labour to start.  Now I have a deadline – either by Wednesday or not until after the 1st.  Jenny’s birthday is on the 1st and we’re having a party for her that day.  I figure if I have the baby on Wednesday (or sooner), I’ll be home by Friday at the latest and that will give me a day at home before her party.  If this was my first baby, there is no way I’d be willing to even plan a party until long after my due date, but as it is my third, I have no choice but to jump back into life hours after giving birth.  Anyway, all I have to do is make it to Wednesday without thinking about it much and then I’ll actually want the baby to wait until the following week.  My desired date of delivery was previously the fourth of June, which would only be four days early.  The reasons for this are rather silly – Jenny and Elias were both born on Wednesdays – the first and the sixth.  My birthday is the sixth of October, Mike’s is the tenth of February, so thus far, we all have our birthdays in the first ten days of the month.  This little quirk of mine is closely related to my obsession with symmetry and I suspect it comes from the same place that my need to organize my closet by rainbow colour order does (have I ever mentioned that it gives me great pleasure that red and green come before blue in the rainbow?).  But I digress. 

Where was I going with that anyway?  I obviously enjoy going off track..I think it serves as a nice distraction when I’m in pain or dealing with the frustrations of pregnancy.

I could go on and on about myself and the same old thing, but I actually had something to write about that is unrelated to me.  I know, amazing.

I often read the strange or odd news headlines when I check my email and today there was something that caught my eye – a German couple attempted to sell their baby on eBay.  You can read the story, but basically, they put him on eBay saying he had gotten too loud and they wanted one euro for him.  The child was taken away from his parents, authorities are looking into the possibility of child trafficking and they claim it was a joke.  Personally, I believe them.  Who doesn’t joke like that once in awhile?  However, they were obviously lacking in brains to go so far as to post him on eBay.  The thing I do find funny is that people will be appalled by this and not give any thought to the fact that they wanted one euro for him.  This is about $1.57.  If they were actually hoping to sell him, do you really think they would post him publicly on eBay for such a low price?  I seriously doubt it.  There are other ways to do things like this – I hate to think of people who actually sell their children.  This is not the way to go about it.  Of course, it is possible that I’m wrong and they weren’t joking, had a devious plan to take any offer for their child and actually sell him.  But if I’m right, I sincerely hope that they reunite the parents with their child quickly.  Yes, give them a very serious lecture on why this is so stupid and keep an eye on them, but get the baby back to his parents.  If this was a joke, they will regret it for the rest of their lives.  The time, however brief, that they are separated from their son, will always be felt by them, even if he doesn’t remember it.  There have been many times in recent years where authorities have either waited too long to step in or stepped in when it wasn’t needed and children and often parents suffer for it.  It is horrifying that children have died in the care of their parents because of abuse and yet something like this sends the police running to take the kid away.  Anyway, that’s what I wanted to say about that.

And now back to me.  Tomorrow puts me at two weeks from my due date.  If I push to wait two weeks for induction if I’m overdue, it means that I could be four weeks away still.  Yikes.  I’m going to attempt to remain optimistic, though, and just focus on the next event. 

On a very positive note, I saw my doctor on Thursday and was told that since April 20th, I’ve only gained about a pound.  I lost some weight the week before and then put it back on…but overall, I think I’m at about twenty-seven pounds gained.  This is wonderful, because I had all sorts of lovely people tell me that I may have only gained thirty-three and twenty-seven pounds with my first two kids, but this was my third and I’d probably gain forty or fifty.  Of course, one of these people was a representative for a fitness club trying to sell memberships at a trade show, but still.  Some people just don’t have any tact.  And ha ha, I am not going to gain fifty pounds, so there.

Also from my doctor’s appointment – my blood pressure is good and not too low like it has been.  I am still faithfully taking my iron supplement (nasty stuff) twice a day so I will hopefully have higher stores of iron before the baby is born.  The baby is head down and not moving nearly as much anymore, we suspect just from lack of space.  Heart rate is good, etc etc.  It gets tiring going to the doctor every week at the end of pregnancy, but at least it’s reassuring knowing that everything is still going well.

Well, that’s probably enough for today.  With any luck, I’ll have the baby soon….or at least find enough activity to distract myself for a few more weeks.


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