Dear womb,

June 5, 2008

To my uterus,

First of all, thank you for carrying my two children for me and for holding on to this little one now.  Thank you for keeping them safe and warm and not rejecting them or doing anything silly like falling out of me like cow’s wombs sometimes do.  I imagine it would be uncomfortable for both you and me.  Thank you for putting up with all my poking and prodding (as well as that of my doctor) and times when I haven’t been so nice to you (going nuts with the housework and taking long walks that make you tense up so badly). 

Really, I am thankful, but I have one small request to make.

Could you maybe settle down a bit and not bug me so much until you’re actually ready to release the child inside you?  I mean, I thought maybe we were headed somewhere Tuesday night when you were contracting every three minutes and making me stop eating my supper to focus on breathing right.  I thought maybe it was the real thing when I was almost groaning in discomfort for two hours on Wednesday afternoon.  I know we’ve been here before and I know that my mind likes to try to trick me sometimes, too, but I’m a little bit confused as to why you persist in torturing me so.  I mean, do I really need four months of Braxton Hicks?  Do I need a month of double me over false contractions?  I don’t really think so.  I guess that’s your call, though, and since I can’t exactly do anything to make you change, all I can do is to beg you to let up a little bit.  Or get on with it and get the kid out of me.  Whatever.  That’s up to you.  Thanks for considering my request.  I’ll be waiting for a response – or a lack of response.



One Response to “Dear womb,”

  1. Mom said

    This is great!

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