Fourteen months

August 20, 2009

I realized that it had been some time since I last wrote here, so I thought I would give a little update for anyone still checking in, or anyone stumbling across the blog now.

Erik is fourteen months and four days old now.  Don’t worry, I usually don’t keep track of the actual number of days he is into his current month. 🙂  He is mostly just crawling, but took his first steps quite some time ago now.  His health is good most of the time, although he was in the hospital with pneumonia for two nights last month.  His asthma is a problem for us and will continue to be, which is very unfortunate, but it can be treated.  He is starting to try out words, although most of our interpretations are just guessing – he may not mean anything by what he is babbling, but we like to think he does some of the time. 

He is still very small – only about eighteen pounds, but I suspect that his frequent night nursings were a big contributor to that.  I stopped feeding him at night a few weeks ago and now I am attempting to wean him and just have him on whole milk.  My milk just isn’t fatty enough for him and there is some concern that he is just too small for his age.  I am feeling a bit down about weaning – I never really like doing it, even though in the past I have been pregnant at the time of weaning.  This time I am not expecting again yet, which makes it harder for me – there is no promise of another baby to breastfeed in a few months.  I cannot see a reason that we wouldn’t have another baby, unless that is just God’s plan for us, so I am trying not to get too bothered by it.  I will just try to enjoy the time – however brief it may be – that I am not nursing or pregnant. 

 I just gave Erik his first haircut today – his hair was finally long enough to need cutting – it was always flying in his ears.  Still nothing like the hair Elias had at this age – all the way down into his eyes – but long enough.  It makes him look a lot more grown up, but he is definitely still my baby.

Here’s a recent picture, though not post-haircut (don’t have any yet):


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