Erik at twenty months

February 16, 2010

Here’s a recent photo – this kid is growing up fast!!  He was twenty months yesterday – four more months and he’ll be two!  Feels a little surreal.

And an ultrasound photo of Erik’s little brother or sister – due around the 10th of May.  This one is growing fast, too!  This pregnancy is flying by – I suppose because I have three kiddos keeping me busy around the house.


3 Responses to “Erik at twenty months”

  1. Krystal said

    Hooray your getting closer to your due date. It does seem like pregnancy seems to go by faster once their is more than one child in the picture 🙂

  2. Your blog is really interesting reading, Im 22 weeks into my first pregnancy and have started my own blog. Its all a bit daunting as I dont really know what to expect but Im excited to be starting my family, its good to read other peoples thoughts and feelings towards pregnancy as it makes it easier to cope with all the changes to body and mind!

    • Katie said

      Thanks! I have another baby who is thirteen months already and Erik (the one this blog is about) just turned three last week. Time goes by fast and no matter how tough pregnancy can be at different stages, or how hard is is to wait, suddenly you’ll be watching your little one walking, running, talking…it’s crazy! Good luck in the rest of your pregnancy!

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