I am a pregnant woman.  I am hormonal, make frequent trips to the bathroom and, at the moment, feel nauseated the majority of the time.  Don’t get on my badside, even if it’s in a dream…the dream I had about my husband where we were fighting kept me mad at him for a good ten minutes.  I also have two children, which makes my life even more chaotic.  Pregnancy + toddler + one year old = exhaustion.  I’m not complaining, though.

*This was written at the beginning of my third pregnancy.  I now am the mother of three (at the moment, my oldest is three, my middle child is two and my youngest is three and a half months old).  I may not be nauseated anymore, but I am still hormonal (breastfeeding does it, too, to some extent) and due to the pressure of three babies on my bladder, make frequent trips to the bathroom (just somewhat less than in pregnancy, perhaps – but inevitably I still have to get up at night to go).  I also have almost weekly feelings that despite the spacing I’ve had before, my next baby will choose to be born within a year of the last.  At this point, thought, I’m beyond that window of opportunity, but still feel that at least the spacing between my older two kids would be nice.  If I got that again, I’d be pregnant in about three months.


**Just in case anyone reads this, I am now blogging occasionally at http://www.howtobeamama.com. I have SEVEN children now. Baby number four came 23 months after this one, number five came another 23 months later, baby number six came 27 months after that and baby number seven came 26 months after him. My firstborn is a girl and the rest are ALL BOYS. 😀


2 Responses to “Who am I?”

  1. Michelle said

    he he, I stumbled across your blog today whilst looking at my own third pgrenancy with a toddler and a 1 year old and must say thank you! Its nice to know I am not alone in the hormonal factor. Love your Who am I section, its awesome. Michelle 🙂

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