Quick and simple

January 17, 2008

Nineteen weeks: An ultrasound and some bad news of another kind.  Before I go on to the bad news, the ultrasound seems to be totally normal, there is only one baby, and instead of being further along like I suspected I might be (due to so much movement felt so much sooner), I’m actually four days off on my due date.  So technically, according to the ultrasound, my due date is not June 8th, it’s June 12th.  Yeah, well.  We’ll see.

The bad news?  Mike got laid off.  It’s temporary, but we don’t know how temporary.  It could be weeks or months, so all we can do is look for work in the meantime and hope it doesn’t last too long.  The oil and gas industry up here is huge and when it slows down at all, everything can potentially slow down.  Because everyone is working in the oilfield if they can be, the need for big trucks getting body work done is not very great.  If a truck can still be driven, why get the fender fixed?  Kenworth will hire him back as soon as things pick up, but he needs to get something full time and temporary until that happens and so far, the only jobs cropping up are very low paying, which means I may have to get some work at home employment and we’re going to start delivering Sears catalogues as well. 

I’m off to Bible study in just a few minutes, so that’s all I can manage for now.