Definitely not in that order.  In fact, the fish, fries and broccoli haven’t been consumed yet.  I can smell them cooking and I’m hoping they taste as good as they smell and also that my children will eat at least some portion of the meal.  They are terribly picky eaters, regardless of my efforts to offer all sorts of different foods since they were six months old. 

 As for the snow, we got 17 cm on Tuesday (that’s almost 7 inches, by the way).  It snowed and snowed and snowed and we were without our van for the whole afternoon.  We had scheduled a coolant flush for noon and then we were planning to deliver catalogues in the afternoon.  The day started out “warm” although the snow was still cold (har har), but the wrench in the plan was when we found out that the shop we were taking the van to could only guarantee that it would be done by five.  I had Mike drop me off at the medical clinic for the other plan of the day – taking Elias in to have a weird spot of skin on his back looked at.  I had the weather shield for the stroller, decent gloves and the hood attached to my jacket, so the plan was to take the bus home from the clinic, while Mike would get a ride from someone.  I waited for what felt like forever with two very defiant children (yeah, they were mine) before seeing the doctor, who told me he would have to take a culture and I’d have to come back in ten days.  So, appointment made, I called the transit system to find out when the bus would come.  They told me it would be at the stop near to the clinic in twenty minutes, but that they were behind schedule because of the weather.  The thought of riding the bus quickly became awful, as it was approaching nap time and a walk in the snow to the bus stop didn’t sound like much fun.  So, I called my mother-in-law to see if she was home (she wasn’t) since she has car seats built into her van.  When I couldn’t reach her, I called a friend of mine whose two youngest children are the same age as mine.  She had picked me up from my house once and we found that the kids fit perfectly into her kids’ car seats.  Her husband doesn’t work when the weather is too cold, so he was home to take care of the kids and she came to pick me up from the clinic.  One thing I didn’t mention was that my crazy husband decided to walk home from the radiator shop (which is about four miles and some of which is uphill….did I mention it was snowing and -20?).  He had been home for about an hour when I got home and we were able to put the kids down for a nap right away.  I spent the rest of the afternoon stewing and hearing the chorus of “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter running through my head.  Pregnancy hormones certainly couldn’t have been helping that one bit. 

Back to the fish, fries and broccoli: they were very good.  Neither of the kids liked the broccoli (I should have known), they both loved the fries, but only Jenny liked the fish.  So, basically, Elias ate fries for supper, along with the minuscule pieces of fish and broccoli that probaby made their way down his throat.  Mike and I were decidedly less picky and ate everything that was on our plates.  Good thing.

The busy part?  Well, obviously, Tuesday was a busy day, but preceding that, we had a whirlwind Sunday and Monday – church Sunday morning, Bible study in the afternoon (well, it’s sort of Bible study, anyway), communion service in the evening where we both shared about our weekend at Breakforth.  Monday wasn’t so bad, although I did have to make a snack for English Corner, and then we had that in the evening.  Ahead to Wednesday, we had another meeting in the evening and then I had Bible study this morning.  Maybe next week I’ll have time to breathe again.  I might even get lucky and be able to relax tomorrow.  At least my birthday/Valentine’s day shopping is done.  Mike’s birthday is on Sunday and of course, Valentine’s Day is next week, so I can sort of give him one gift to cover both things.  Maybe I’ll make him some cookies or something as an extra treat.  It’s a good thing that we have a few weeks before any other family birthdays and before our anniversary. 

That’s about it.  As for pregnancy, I am in my twenty-second week and while my stomach has seemed to stall in its growth, my weight has started going up at last.  It took me until the week before last to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and then I started to gain.  I had lost eight pounds or something, and as is typical of me, I didn’t really gain any of that back until I was past the puking.  Now I’m up to eight pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight and I can just hear my doctor making her traditional exclamation, “Oh, my goodness, did you just gain ten pounds in a month?!”  Okay, so she only did that once when I was pregnant with Elias, but I’ll never forget it.  I just read that thirty-nine pounds is the high end of healthy weight gain in people of normal weight, and since I consider myself somewhere slightly above normal weight but somewhere slightly below overweight, I kind of think of thirty-five pounds as the high end for me.  So far, I haven’t gained more than thirty-three in a pregnancy.  I have high hopes that I can hold onto that record.  I’m not so sure my luck would hold out in losing the weight if I gained much more than that.

I certainly have plenty of people to sympathize with me – mostly at church but one or two outside as well – one other hockey wife, my sister-in-law and seven other pregnant women at church, all due by August.  There is never a shortage of babies up here (maybe it’s all this snow and temperatures below -20 that keep everyone baby-making all the time).

Well, that’s really it now – I’m craving something sweet, so either I need to find something to do to avoid fulfilling that craving or I need to get baking.