Apparently my uterus was offended at the letter I wrote and it decided to get me back last night.  I had the usual hour or so of contractions after supper when I started feeling cooped up and decided to take a walk.  Mike was watching Jumanji with the kids, so it was a good opportunity to go out by myself and see if I could get something happening.  I made it half a block when I was already feeling mighty uncomfortable and by the time I got halfway into my walk, I was stopping pretty frequently to bend over or squat to relieve some of the pain.  I sat down on a bus stop bench about a block from home to rest and then dragged myself the rest of the way.  Mind you, this was not a terribly long walk – I didn’t walk miles or anything, just a few blocks (okay, I don’t really know how far I walked and I lost track of time, so I can’t even relate that information).  I got home, collapsed into the rocking chair and spent the next half hour or forty-five minutes breathing and groaning and complaining about my pain.  We put the kids to bed in the middle of all that and I still felt pretty bad.  Mike went out to mow the lawn and I sat at the computer most of the time he was outside.  Little by little, my ridiculously painful Braxton Hicks contractions went away.  We went to bed somewhat early, although it took me ages to fall asleep because of my ribs.

Today, I’m tired, nauseated, still having contractions and absolutely no signs that they are “real” contractions.  My half hearted joke from yesterday is still floating in my head: “Let’s get on with the bloody show!”  Yeah, Mike didn’t even really laugh, but he’s the one who asked if I was having any yet. 

I’m starting to look forward to Tuesday, when I may very well give birth almost on my own.  I would still love to have the baby before then, but I’m having doubts. 

Meanwhile, the kids decided today would be a good day to be clingy, argumentative (in the way that a three year old and twenty-one month old can be) and demanding.  At the moment, they’re quietly eating lunch and watching Rugrats for the second time today (yeah, I’m weak; movies are too easy).  When they’re done, they’ll have a nap and I can lay down or manically clean things, depending on what mood strikes me.  What I would really like is one of two things: to go into labour right now or to let someone else deal with the kids for the rest of the day while I climb into bed and feel sorry for myself.  And maybe sleep.  It seems that I’m more likely to go into labour than for someone to magically show up at my house just begging to watch my kids.  Maybe after the baby is born, but not now.  Poor me.  Poor pregnant me.

Am I pitiful or what?

A little bit behind

March 11, 2008

Okay, let’s see.  I’m twenty-seven weeks now.  Right.  By the time I had any time to write for my twenty-six week entry, it was already Sunday which made me twenty-seven weeks.  So, I’ve missed another one.  Oh, well. 

I’ve recently been very caught up in a few new food blogs I’ve stumbled across.  One is not strictly a food blog, but I’ve really only been reading the food parts, since I can just sort them out by category quite easily.  Not Martha is good reading, and a good deal of her entries are just links to other blogs, which of course makes for entirely new addictions to previously unheard of blogs and websites.  I’ve found some incredible looking recipes that I’m just dying to try now and I’ve seen some very good ideas as well.  Not that I would do it, but yesterday, I found out how to make jello shots out of a banana still in its skin.  Apparently, if you wash the banana, soak it in vodka and sugar, then put it in the refrigerator to marinate, so to speak, you can open the banana and the insides are literally gelled.  I’m not a fan of banana or straight shots, so I think this would be a bit much for me, but it was very interesting to see the process.  One thing I found that I’m very interested in trying out are cake balls.  You simply make a cake from a box (or from scratch, but for this purpose, the box would be easier by far), mix it with a can of cream cheese frosting (again, you could do this from scratch too) and make the mix into balls and chill.  Then you dip them into melted chocolate.  This sounds absolutely yummy and is very cute, too.  The only thing I’d be worried about is that it would be a bit on the sweet side.  Maybe using a very dark chocolate on the outside would help.

On to other things before I start drooling on the keyboard.

The baby has recently started having hiccups a lot.  It’s still moving like crazy and has started curling up with some hard part of its body (I imagine its back) pushed as far up as it can go.  This makes sitting upright very uncomfortable.  I’m also getting up once every night because of my bladder, where before, it was possible to sleep a bit longer.  Ah, how I love this part of pregnancy.  Okay, to be honest, it is better than puking.  Much better.

I’ve been making progress on my house, or at least I’ve been doing better at keeping up with the menial tasks.  The worst is when the floor hasn’t been swept in a while.  It doesn’t even take long since Elias throws his food all the time and likes to make ridiculous messes on a regular basis.  I’ve been keeping up on laundry and dishes most of the time, but the floor is a bit more work because we have too much furniture and other stuff and not enough floor space.  Anyway, I did it today and even got the kitchen done, which was sorely needed.  I don’t think any of you would understand how sorely needed it was.  Let’s just say I wouldn’t want to eat things that fell on it. 

At the moment, my stomach is tense (okay, more accurately, it’s my uterus) and I’m in a bit of pain.  The good old Braxton Hicks are in full swing lately, especially if I dare to do any housework or take a walk.  The contractions I have don’t do anything to me – I’ve never had preterm labour or anything – but they don’t feel very good.  Real labour is still twenty times worse than these, but these are a pain because I have to have them for four months before I can even have the kid.  I’m down to less than three months now, anyway.  Well, if I’m on time, that is. 

Now I’m giving thought to supper, as I don’t want to end up going out again.  We got our tax refund yesterday so we went out to eat.  Tonight I think I might make pizza.  Or rice pizza.  Rice pizza is a bit easier and even Elias will gobble it up.

So that’s about all I can handle for now.  I feel like having a nap would be a good idea, but we’ll see if I get caught up in something I can’t escape first (i.e. more Not Martha).