Okay, fine.

June 13, 2008

I said I wouldn’t post again until I had the baby, but that is because I thought I would have the baby on Wednesday or Thursday.  It’s Friday now.  No baby.  Well, I’m still carrying it around with me, but on the inside.  Wednesday night I had pretty bad contractions, enough to convince me that I must be in labour.  I was able to sleep through the night, although I woke up nearly every hour.  In the morning, I kept having contractions and a bit more pink mucous.  I finally decided that it was bad enough to go to the hospital.  I couldn’t imagine going through the day like that and trying to take care of the kids.  So we packed them up, drove them to Mike’s parents’ house and went to the hospital.  I was put on the monitor for a good half hour and my contractions chose that half hour to stop being intense.  A nurse felt around to find the baby’s position and then had another nurse come in to confirm what she thought she felt – that the baby was not head down.  That’s just the news I was wanting to hear.  So she called my doctor and had some sort of argument with her on the phone (my doctor was sure the baby was head down on Tuesday), but convinced her to come in at noon to check me herself.  So I packed up, sent Mike to work and went to pick the kids up.  We went to Bible study for almost two hours and then I left and went back to the hospital by myself.  My doctor came in and checked things out and said that the head was down.  The nurse that had checked me earlier said that it now felt like it was and was significantly different than what she felt in the morning.  She did an internal exam as well, said the head was high and didn’t say a word about whether I was dilated or anything.  The only thing she said was “it’s nice and long” which I assume means my cervix is long.  In other words, not dilated or effaced.  So off I went again, picked the kids up and went home to try to have a decent afternoon.  Another disappointing thing heard while in the hospital is that I probably lost my mucous plug and was bleeding a bit because of the exam on Tuesday. 

So now I go back to waiting again.  With the addition of really nasty Braxton Hicks contractions.  Hooray.  My only hope is to stay distracted until next week.  And to hope that my cervix is ripe enough for my doctor to strip my membranes on Monday.  If not, I have to hold onto hope that I’ll go into labour before Friday morning, when I’ll go in to be induced.  I hate waiting.  I’m very impatient.