Ten days later…

June 25, 2008

This may very well be my last post on this blog for quite some time.  It is a pregnancy journal, after all, and I do have another blog that is better suited to my everyday life (har har…The Everyday Life of a Messy Housewife). 

However, because this is baby/postpartum related, I figured it fit better here. 

Erik is doing great – he is eating and sleeping really well and gives us a few hours every day of interaction, which seems to be pretty rare at this age.  I know what they say about baby smiles – that any smile before a month of age isn’t a real smile – and I’ve believed it in the past, because my kids definitely had gassy smiles and sleep smiles before they were a month old, but at a month, they looked me in the eye and grinned back at me.  Erik has decided to break the rules; I’m not kidding you – he has smiled at me about four times now.  I have said that you can tell a real smile because of the look in their eyes.  They look right at you and their eyes smile along with their mouths.  Well, that’s just what he has been doing.  I can’t explain it, and you can argue all you want, but if you were his mother, you’d agree with me (I just wish someone else could see it so they’d know what I’m talking about). 

On the kid front, Jenny continues to ask where her “buddo Ewik” is and actually refers to him most of the time as “Ewik buddo”.  Elias just calls him baby, although I think he’s been trying to say Erik and it comes out sounding like “owie”, which is hilarious.  So far, neither of them has made him cry or tried to carry him around the house, although I’ve been very careful to keep him with me or keep my eye on him all the time when he’s not in his bed away from them.  A friend of mine told me a story about her kids that made me decide never to leave the room while Erik is laying on the couch or the floor – her older son was in the room after she changed her newborn’s diaper and she left to get something quickly in the other room.  When she went back, the older boy had picked up his brother and was carrying him upside down, trying to help her.  If I remember right, he said, “Here, Mommy, I bring him to you.”  Yikes!  So I’m going to watch them very carefully, because I can just see it happening with one of them, thinking they were helping me. 

As far as my health/energy goes, I seem to do fine getting up in the morning and having energy until just before lunch, and then I feel like crashing.  Yesterday, I actually dozed on the couch with the kids climbing on me – Elias tearing up an envelope and throwing it around didn’t even faze me, I was so tired.  Today, I feel tired, but when I laid down to have a nap, I could only think of cleaning and writing.  So I got up, swept the living room floor, cleaned up toys, did the dishes and now I’m writing.  I have maybe twenty minutes that I can count on the kids staying asleep, so If I get tired now, it’s probably too late to do anything about it.  As for my actual recovery, I feel pretty good, although I’m still bleeding a good deal, which is getting old.  Yeah, I know it’s only been ten days, but it seems that it’s different this time than it was with the other two.  Also, I got my hopes up because I went all day yesterday without anything at all and then had it come back in the middle of the night.  Okay – enough already!  Fortunately, the cramping quit a week ago, so at least it’s not a bother in that way.  It is true, afterpains seem to get worse each time you have a baby.  I don’t really remember anything with Jenny, but I had them pretty bad with Elias and this time, they were really bad.  But four days of them is not so bad, really.

The other big thing around the house is that as soon as the kids got over their cold/cough, they got another one!  And now Erik has it!  Goopy eyes, coughs and runny/stuffy noses that I’m wiping all the time and Jenny yelling from her room, “I need to blow my nose!!” in the middle of the night (and ten seconds ago – hooray!).  I’ve had a sore throat, but my cough is getting better and I don’t have symptoms of a cold like they do…I just hope it stays that way.  The kids spent all day yesterday lying around watching movies while I wiped noses and read a book.  I’m so glad Erik has decided to be a good baby and sleep for long stretches between feedings.  I don’t know what I would do if he was fussy like Elias was.

So much for twenty minutes, I think I got about ten out of them.  Oh, well.  C’est la vie.  I meant to go into more, like the fact that I weaned myself off of ice, but apparently, I’m out of time.  Oh, yeah, I weaned myself off of ice.  I’ll tell you about it sometime. 

So, no promises, but more than likely, I’ll be sticking to the other blog from now on (at least  until I’m pregnant again, although then the address will be misleading, since it won’t be baby number three anymore).  Well, off I go to be a mommy again (unless my kids have gone back to sleep…oh, wouldn’t that be nice?!).