Week nine, on the tail end

November 9, 2007

I think it is possible that week nine has been the best so far.  I could be wrong, since I’m technically not at the end of it yet, but for now, I think that is a relatively accurate thing to say.  I had a bad start to it, and a bad end to week eight as well – I threw up once on Saturday and twice on Sunday (one of those times was at a hockey game – hooray).  I feel like, at the very least, I’ve been able to eat more normally this week than I have in the last six weeks.  The abnormal thing about it has been my desire to eat gigantic quantities of food.  I was yearning for a buffet for two days straight.  I may have gotten that out of my system by eating a large portion of an extra large pizza, but we’ll see. 

Meanwhile, in the real world, it is snowing.  Yesterday, I went to the shed to get things out that we would need for the winter – kids clothes to grow into, winter boots, scarfs, jackets, etc.  Christmas lights and a few decorations.  I figured it was smarter to go when we only had a bit of snow and I wasn’t full of baby yet.  I made a few trips and added shoveling the walk and porch to the activities of the afternoon.  When Mike came home from work, we got Jenny suited up and he took her outside and shoveled the rest of the driveway for me.  Unfortunately, I was greeted this morning with fresh snow on the ground and lots more of it falling in big flakes from the sky.  It hasn’t let up in the two hours I’ve been up and it doesn’t look like it’s going to.  Unless it stops snowing this afternoon, the driveway will not get shoveled and my chances of getting myself stuck in it will increase greatly.  Last year, I managed to get stuck in the driveway three times (maybe it was four).  Of course, a great deal of the fault there was due to the huge snow drifts at the end of our driveway and front yard put there by the city when plowing the streets.  Don’t get me wrong – I appreciate the fact that they plow the streets (we wouldn’t be able to drive on them if they never did it), but they think nothing of leaving a three foot deep pile at the end of residential driveways.  We got home one night to about a foot of new snow and two feet of plowed snow blocking us out.  It took us a nice long time to shovel our way in (late at night, mind you) and after that night, the driveway was barely big enough for the van to fit in.  My goal for this year would be to avoid that same predicament by keeping up on the shoveling…but…  The trouble is that when the snow comes down like this, it takes an awful long time to shovel the driveway.  Mike hates doing it when it’s thick like this and I hardly have the energy even on a good day to complete such a big job.  I suppose my only hope today is that it would stop snowing for an hour or so when the kids are having their nap so that I can go out and start the job for Mike.

I suppose none of that has anything to do with pregnancy, but since this is a “journal” of sorts, I may as well journal, even if it’s just about snow.